Tuesday Cinema Club: Batman v Superman…

It’s quite fitting I post this review today as I just saw that its National Superhero Day!

I was disappointed with the last Superman movie, it felt too much like it was building up to the big fight which then just caused as much destruction as possible. I don’t think they missed flying through a building in a 20 block radius!

I was also sceptical of the appointment of Ben Affleck as Batman. I’ve watched Daredevil which wasn’t a great superhero movie endorsement. I also thought that Christian Bale made a really good Batman but I was prepared to give Ben the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think he did that bad a job, I still think Christian Bale was better but that’s because I feel there was more action in his movies compared to this one.

The tone of this movie was very subdued. It showed a more tortured side of Batman over the loss of his family. I’m not sure why Wayne Manor was left to become derelict, he didn’t appear to have lost all his money.

There was a few unanswered questions for me in this movie. There was the introduction very briefly of The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and one other I wasn’t sure of but you had to know what they were getting at. Wonder Woman appears in the movie, at least I assumed that is who she was, it was never explained.

I went with my Sister who has watched superhero movies but she didn’t know any of the characters and I had to explain to her who they were. I guess she wasn’t the only one who missed the point of some of the movie.

I thought we would finally get the answer to the age of question of who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman but that question remains unanswered, as you could guess from about half an hour into the movie.

As superhero movies go I was disappointed. I didn’t think the Batman back story really fitted into the back story I had grown up with, having watched I would say every Batman film since Michael Keaton donned the black mask.

As for Superman I’m not sure. I’m amazed after all this time how no one can recognise him as Clark Kent just by removing his glasses! I know people look different without glasses but that is a bit unrealistic! He’s invested in a more superhero outfit than just wearing a legging one piece with his pants on the outside and an old bed sheet for a cloak. At least the story fits with what I know. It was just a bit samey and obvious I felt.

There was a bit that made us laugh when Batman and Superman are fighting and in comes Wonder Woman to help. The men are covered from head to toe with body armour and wearing capes whilst Wonder Woman is predictably wearing the bare minimum of clothing possible to cover her dignity.

Surely by now we could accept that her clothes could be a little bit more modest and that she would still be capable of fighting with the big boys! She could at least wear a cape. In this history of Wonder Woman, when she first appeared she wore more clothing but as the years went by it got tighter and shorter. While the men have remained predictably covered.

It would just be nice to see some women on the TV and in movies and music videos being shown wearing normal everyday clothes and not as is often the case, skin-tight or barely there clothing. Especially when in most cases the men they are with couldn’t physically wear any more clothes as they are already covered head to toe!

Yes sex sells and women have the right to show off their bodies whenever they choose. It just shouldn’t be necessary to show off your body all of the time to get attention, or to be taken seriously. There is so much more to a person than the shape of their body and the clothes they choose to put on it.

Wonder Woman would still be Wonder Woman if she was wearing long sleeves and knee length clothing, she is a superhero after all!


2 responses

  1. I just forgot everything I read as soon as I got to the “wearing normal everyday clothes” 😀 😀
    I share the exact same feeling of wonder women wearing jus a tad bit more clothes, when compared to the head to toe covered Male Heroes. 😀 :

    1. It’s not just me who thought her outfit was a little skimpy then!

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