Tuesday Cinema Club: The Jungle Book

This week we went to see The Jungle Book and for the first time in a long time the movie theatre was pretty much full. I was lucky to book the tickets at just the right time as we got practically the last of the wider leg room seats.

I vaguely remember reading The Jungle Book when I was young but I didn’t think much about it before going to see the movie. It was only as the characters were introduced that I began to get flashes of the book coming back to me.

As I’m not a fan of snakes there was a small part of the movie spent with my eyes closed and I was glad I didn’t pick the 3D showing! The hypnotic voice and false sense of security lulling poor Mowgli into the death grip is one of the reasons why you should never trust a snake! I am weary of anything that could swallow a man whole!

I loved Shere Khan being voiced by Idris Elba, it was a perfect fit. A mixture of relaxed cool and sinister menacing all in one, just as a Tiger should be.

In fact all of the characters were well voiced. A couple I recognised the voices but couldn’t remember the names.

It must have been strange for the little boy playing Mowgli to film a movie where he is acting on his own. But then there were probably hundreds of people filming it so he wasn’t really on his own.

I enjoyed the movie. There was a point where you forgot that the animals weren’t real and that is testament to the people who made it. Having a real child playing the part of Mowgli makes you forget for a minute that the animals aren’t real.

I’m sure it will be a big hit with kids over the bank holiday weekend, there were a few kids in the theatre last night watching. I would just be careful with younger children that they don’t get scared by the more sinister parts of the story and the bloody big snake!


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  1. I’m yet to watch it!! Can’t wait to go see!! 😀 😀

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