Tuesday Cinema Club: Me Before You

Let me start by saying I am a late comer to Me Before You. I think I was under a rock when the book was released or something. I have added it to my ‘to read’ pile now.

I went to see this movie with friends, one of whom hates romantic movies but said she would make an exception for us. She enjoyed it.

I was most excited to see Brax from Home and Away in the movie. I was expecting his name to roll in the credits as Darryl Braxton but apparently he is actually called Stephen Peacocke! Who knew. I’m sure no one other than Home and Away watchers will care a dot anyway!

It was nice to see Daenerys with a smile on her face for a change. I saw Emilia Clarke on Graham Norton talking about the movie and she seemed to be a bit like her character in this film. Away from Game of Thrones she is a very smiley person and you cant help but get caught up with that.

I was expecting this to be a romantic movie and there is certainly an element of that, but it is much more. The theatre was pretty full and there were quite a few men who were laughing and crying at all the right bits!

In fact the beginning and middle parts have laugh out loud funny bits and the ending is more somber without being full on depressing. By the end most of the theatre was sniffing back the tears, including some of the men!

I’m normally the one blubbing at the barest hint of sadness in a TV show or movie. I’ve cried over characters leaving Eastenders like it actually made a difference to the world! I’m not ashamed to admit that I like a good cry and will even watch a soppy movie in order to fulfil that release but I didn’t cry at the end of this movie.

It’s not that the ending wasn’t completely moving. It’s just at the current phase in my life I have a new understanding of these sorts of things and can see how choosing your end would be a comforting thing. Albeit none the less devastating for those people who value your existence.

I wish I could write something remotely as moving at Jojo Moyes. I have the emotions and plenty of sad stories, I just can’t translate them onto paper in any sort of way that matters.

I was disappointed that part of the film was made in the local hospital where my Mum works and no one was talking about it on the grapevine! It’s nice when you spot local areas in movies, although I have to say I didn’t recognise them until after I saw the credits roll.

I would recommend this movie, someone who hates romantic movies really enjoyed it and that rarely happens with films! That just backs up how good the writing and acting was and how believable the characters are.

Oh and apparently the movie follows the book in a good way so I’m told by my friend who has read it. It can be frustrating when the movie doesn’t follow the book.

To prove the point I got very confused when the trailer for the new Bridget Jones movie came up before the film and Mark Darcey was in it. I’ve read the latest book and he isn’t in it, and that is really the point of it. It seems they have made a movie that sits in between the second and third books and that is a bit disappointing and not really the point of Bridget Jones at all.



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