It’s Been a Bad Week…

I’m sure I can’t be the only one who is struggling to remember a week as bad as this in their lifetime? In the space of 5 days England went out of Europe twice, once by public vote and the second by our teams surrender.

I was undecided in the Referendum vote until Thursday morning. I spent Wednesday researching anything I could find on the internet that was written by Specialists in their field. It helped me to make a more informed decision.

As much as I think in some areas our EU membership has caused issues and made life hard for a number of people in some areas it has made things better and helped people. It does worry me that in the future they may add more member states and those member states have huge populations, failing economies and border on war-torn nations. But I don’t in all honesty think their entrance to the EU is imminent, I don’t see what the EU would get in terms of benefit inducting them in the current climate and I’m not sure all 28 countries would say yes and it has to be unanimous, the UK vote would have been a resounding No.

I am also worried about the future of this country. For the first time in my life I am becoming more educated in things that up until now I always thought of as being too grown up for me. Politics, finance and bills are all things in the adult world and to a degree I still see myself as being a kid! But last week was the time to be educated and weigh up one of the most important decisions I would ever have to make.

I stayed up until 2.40am watching the votes come in. The last declaration I saw was Hammersmith and Fulham who were remain, incidentally the borough I was born in. At the point I went to bed the Leave campaign was in the lead by a reasonably small margin and most of London was still to declare, in fact I think less than 100 results were in at that point. The rhetoric was that London would be Remain and therefore when I woke up we would still be a part of Europe and my rounded decision to Remain would have won.

My alarm went off at 8.30am as it always does and the man who reads the news was using his ‘someone important has died’ voice to tell the nation we were no longer to be a part of Europe. I felt sick to my stomach with the sudden realisation that the only world I have ever known no longer exists. I thought of all the videos I had watched where the specialists explained what a post-EU world would look like and that wasn’t somewhere I wanted to live.

I have no problem with people voting whichever way they believe is best. It is their right. What frustrates me is people making a decision that affects millions of people for the wrong reasons and then saying they made the wrong choice. The media has been searching out leave voters since Friday morning who wished they had voted remain and talking to people who thought leave meant anyone not born in the UK had to immediately leave the country. These are not people I want to see talking about their decision when that decision has sent our country into a spin.

There has been an increase in racism since the vote was declared. I don’t want to live in a world of racial intolerance. For the last 3 years I have been in love with a man of Indian decent but I have never seen his colour or race, I have only seen him for the amazing person he is. I don’t judge people on where they were born but on who they are and their actions. I’m an Atheist, I think religion has caused many wars throughout history and the world today, I have had friends from all religions in my lifetime and have been interested in learning about their beliefs. I don’t like people imposing their religion on me, it’s my right to be a non-believer as much as it is theirs to believe, but no one I know personally has ever tried. We’ve had the odd heated debate about who is right and what is rubbish but it’s never come between us.

I really do fear for the UK at the moment. I’ve had such heated debates at home with my family who voted both ways. I keep being told not to focus on the negatives but in all honesty until we start seeing the positives of the situation we find ourselves in what other choice is there.

In terms of the England Football Team if ever there was a time we needed them to be strong and stand up for our nation it was now. Had we managed to get to the Final of the Euro’s and even win it then that would be something that people could get behind. A glimmer of hope in an otherwise depressing programme of news. But instead they rolled over and collapsed against a country who has no professional football teams.

Our football team just seems to go from bad to worse. We have learned nothing from our exit of the world cup. We have a collection of average to good players and not a team. There is no cohesion between them and they were found out. There are one or two players who should consider retiring from the international game following that exit.

For me the biggest things lacking in our Euro 16 squad were heart, determination to win and leadership. Our Euro 96 squad had all of that and were unlucky not to make it to the final. The frustrating part of this squad is their insistence of getting the ball and running with it until they run into the opposition and lose it or pass it and give the ball away. It was so glaringly obvious that a sunday league squad could have figured them out. After playing 4 matches I don’t think we managed 1 successful corner and our free kicks weren’t much better.

The only positive you could take away from the Iceland game was that it put us out of our misery. On that performance France would have beaten us by a rugby score.

The sad thing is that performances like that are becoming all too common as more and more people give up on our international squad when they should be bringing us all together and inspiring our confidence. The last time England got to a final in a tournament if I’m not mistaken was 1966 – 50 years ago. We all know what happened then. Sadly I’m not expecting it to happen again in my lifetime and certainly not in 2 years time when we experience the World Cup all over again.

Lets just hope that the FA make a better choice this time when they pick the new England manager. We need someone who has experience of building successful international teams. We don’t need someone who is a good club manager. I don’t think Gareth Southgate or Arsene Wenger are the answer. I can’t see Eddie Howe ever leaving Bournemouth. I can’t even think of one person I would wish that job on in its current form. They need someone who will excise all the bad energy and previous disappointment and bring through a glowing confidence of success.

I found the Iceland clapping celebration to be most intimidating and I think it would be nice to see something like that in English football. But somehow I don’t think we’d get such amazing participation. Everyone clapping and shouting in unison at some imagined point. I wondered if they learned it at school it was so well orchestrated.

As a Chelsea supporter I was happy for Iceland to go through seeing as Eidur Gudjohnsen had come out of retirement to play in the tournament. It was a shame he didn’t get to come on at the end. Iceland deserved their victory on the day and I hope they go on to bigger things now.

So where do we go from here? What glimmer of hope do we have? I just don’t see one right now. Our political parties are in meltdown. I believe the decision of David Cameron to resign was the right thing to do. I am disappointed that the people who lead the leave campaign seem to have gone into hiding. It seems today we find out who will run for the Conservative Leadership. Maybe we will also find out in Jeremy Corbyn will resign.

I’m not a Labour voter, it worries me that their liberal stance will bring our country back into the worst debt we have ever faced if they should win another election. I don’t believe that Corbyn is a prime minister and sadly the people who still back him, even though the MP’s of their party don’t, could bring about the desolation of their party as the leader of the opposition.

There are so many MP’s that are now out of work from Labour and UKIP that I wonder if we may see the start of a new political movement. We need to have 2 strong political parties to ensure that fair decisions are made and at the moment we don’t have that.

I’m also very disappointed with Jeremy Corbyn. I saw his pre-vote performance on The Last Leg and found him to be a very small-minded man for someone in such an important position. The fact that he was campaigning for the same as David Cameron in the election but that he refused to be seen with him or publicly attend rallies to inspire voters really was underhand. He may have been campaigning for different reasons to Cameron but if ever there was a time when the two parties needed to show a united front it was in the battle to Remain.

I’m also disappointed and angry that the media in the run-in to the vote and in some cases since the vote was announced focusing on negatives, propaganda and misinformation to sway vox-pop voters. I am surprised that large areas of the country who receive such huge monetary relief from our EU membership voted to leave the EU. Why weren’t the local media companies informing the voters of the potential impact losing that relief from the EU would have on them in a measured manner? They are now petitioning our government to ensure we will provide the same monetary relief when we have no money.

Where do the general populace think the money will come from to cover the amount of EU funding to the UK? A rise in taxes and a cut in public spending are the normal ways that the government raise money. We might have given the EU £350m a week but that was not from a spare pot of funds that we had, that money put us in debt.

The Conservative/ Liberal Democrat government when they first took over from the last Labour government were left with a country in massive debt and a failing economy. Whoever was in that position was going to have to make harsh decisions to ensure the country went back into growth. The Liberal Democrat party was all but wiped out on the basis of the first term of that coalition government. Maybe with the potential demise of the Labour party they will find a resurrection.

The Conservative party have not got every decision right, but they have managed to bring the economy into a period of growth and lower the unemployment rate and they are important and good things. I agreed with their stance that people claiming benefits should not be able to earn more than those who work a full working week. I can see how that would be an unpopular decision but I believe it was the right decision.

However it would seem that their stance on disabled benefits was completely wrong and that is disappointing from the key policy makers.

I worked in the NHS for 4 years and have first hand knowledge of how it fails and how easy it would be to bring about its recovery. I have never believed that the NHS should be run by a Government. I believe it should be funded by the Government and run by the General Medical Council. I believe that managerial positions should be held by people with front line experience of working in the NHS and I believe their numbers should be cut to the bare minimum to allow for an increase in clinicians and healthcare workers. The NHS is a not-for-profit business and as such cannot be effectively run by people from that background and mentality.

It might be an unpopular view but just chucking more money at the NHS is not the answer. It needs big changes to make sure that money reaches the areas that need it and for the right reasons. They also need to stop paying CEO’s big bonuses for doing their job.

The vote last week showed us that there are a lot of unhappy people living in the UK. Sadly it also showed us that the people who voted leave because they are unhappy with government cuts,, have probably brought more government cuts that will affect them with their vote.

I hope this situation will bring about a change in how elections are reported by both the media and the parties who are running. This election was tainted with unfeasible lies from the start and sadly those who don’t understand the implications of voting were tricked in some cases with those lies.

A lot of people are blaming David Cameron for allowing a public vote in the first place as such an important decision should not be left to the public. I don’t believe he was wrong to give the public what they wanted, and sadly as a member of the public we have to accept that we brought this on ourselves. I think the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ was written with this vote in mind.

The people signing the petition to have a second referendum are not helping matters. Holding a vote costs millions of pounds and takes time. Neither of which we have. What happens if a second vote in 3 months time is still close and goes the same way? Do we keep voting until Remain win?

I think now more than ever we need to teach basic politics and economics in schools to show people their vote really does count and it can have implications.  Maybe then we can show people how they can challenge the information they are told and make informed decisions on their future.

Whatever happens in the UK now, one thing is clear, the public orchestrated this outcome. Whatever we go through as a result of the Leave vote the people who ticked that box have a share in the blame. The people who voted remain have no choice but to accept we lost and try to make the most of what is going to come.

I hope in 5 years time we will look back and say, that leave was the best thing we did as people believe, sadly I still can’t see it myself and that scares me.

We have given all the bargaining power to those people who many believe have controlled what we can and can’t do for the last 40 years. Why would the EU be kind to us on leaving, especially when we have people like Nigel Farage going to meetings and winding them up? The EU will want to make an example of us to deter any of the other countries who are beginning to consider having a referendum from trying to jump ship.

One thing was clear yesterday, the EU are not happy with us, especially making them wait until September to file Article 50. From their point of view I can see why. I think keeping them waiting is more likely to go against us than for. It was also mentioned that we would not get the same deal that Norway currently has, which was being banded about as an option to us. This could mean we would get a worse and not better deal or visa versa.

Another side effect of the decision is that we may well have brought about the end of the United Kingdom. Scotland voted to remain and want to stay in the EU and bring about another independence referendum. I think it was telling that the head of the EU wasn’t prepared to meet with Nicola Sturgeon on her visit to Brussels today. I don’t think the EU were happy to induct Scotland as a single entity in their talks before and it may not be possible for them this time either. There is a possibility they could be added to the list of countries who wish to join and they would then have to wait their turn in negotiations.

The fact is they are part of the UK who are currently leaving in the EU in 2 years time and it would take a minimum of a year I would say to organise the independence referendum by which point the negotiations into leaving the EU will already have started and they would be a part of that.

Scotland voting to remain in the EU doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to be independent from the UK. They do more trade with the UK than the EU and if we really are going to get a golden leaving agreement they might well be better off with us anyway! It really is a big complicated mess isn’t it!

Ireland has an open border between the north and south, with the north leaving the EU this could logically bring about the need for a fixed border again. If the border is not closed then this could allow migrants access into the UK by the back door. One option open to Ireland, and it would be an incredibly unlikely option to adopt is that Ireland become one nation and the United Kingdom would have to relinquish its governance of Northern Ireland. Given the political nature of Ireland I suspect the border would come long before any attempt to reunite the country.

Wales voting leave surprised me, given that they receive a lot of funding from the EU. I think the problems the steel industry faces in Port Talbot was part of that decision. As yet there has been no call for independence but perhaps should Scotland leave they may see this as something they would want to consider. Although I think they would be better off sticking with the UK.

I thought it was nice of Spain to offer to take 50% sovereignty over the remain voting Gibraltar on Friday. How kind of them to offer to take 50% of what belongs to us. I can see why they would want to remain in the EU as they are linked to Spain geographically but I can’t see them being allowed to remain. Nor can I see them wishing to give their sovereignty even in part back to Spain.

All we need now is for Donald Trump to become the President of the United States and we will have completed the start of the loading of our dystopian future. We have had unprecedented rain and flooding in the last week I’m considering building and ark and stock piling food… that’s a joke folks! We’re not anywhere near there yet.

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