See Me by Nicholas Sparks


I love reading Nicholas Sparks novels. They hook you right in and before you know it you’re reading way past your bedtime, hoping to get to the end of the next chapter before you fall asleep.

This book was no exception. I loved the damaged characters and their complicated lives. I loved that it wasn’t the usual boy meets girl and they live happily ever after. As we know in real life it doesn’t always happen that way!

As with most of my reviews I don’t like to give away too much of the story as I think it spoils it if you know what is going to happen. That said as with most stories of this kind some of it you see coming and others is a curve ball surprise you don’t quite catch up with until the reveal.

I can see why a lot of his novels get turned into movies. The depth of character and challenging circumstances make for page turning reading but also a dramatic cinema experience.

The Notebook was my first experience of Nicholas Sparks. I remember seeing the movie trailer on TV with my sister and both of us laughing at how silly it sounded. That was until we both separately saw the movie after it’s DVD release. We couldn’t have been more wrong. It hooked us both and we regularly watch the movie now. I came across the book in a shop a long while after and once I read it I realised I preferred the movie. Since then I have mostly read the books before seeing the movies or watched the movie but not realised it was originally a book.

There are only so many ways you can write love stories, the differences lie in the characters, their back stories, and the way they are brought together. But that is what makes a well written romance story so good. Because everyone who reads it will feel something different. Some will empathise with their own personal experiences and others may look at it and wonder where their own knight in shining armour is.

Me personally, I find a comfort in these sorts of movies and books. I don’t like to watch them in groups, I like to sit and enjoy them alone so I can wonder. I often shed a few tears and eat chocolate, but that’s why I watch them. Because every now and again I feel a good cry helps to level me out and makes me feel better.

Having been in love with someone for 3 years who will probably never care for me in return I like the hope that I get from these books. It reminds me that sometimes no matter how hopeless a situation seems a new day can bring a change in events and things can work out how you always hoped. I also guard myself against the fact that our love may always be one-sided and I can live with that as long as I have my friend.

We all have an inbuilt need to be loved or at least accepted by other people. Sometimes no matter how hard you love someone it is never enough. But that’s what makes love so special when you find it. Anything that makes you feel that good should be worth a little effort!


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