Healthcare Decisions…

It’s something we never really think of talking about. No one ever wants to admit that one day we might not be able to make our own decisions anymore and that we will need someone to be trusted with them on our behalf. Let’s face it no one wants to think that one day we will die, even though we all know it’s the case.

It could happen to us at any age, for any number of reasons and could affect us in a million different ways but one day there is a chance that our lives will change and we could become a prisoner to our bodies.

Do the people you love know your thoughts on the matter? Does someone know where to find the details for your bank accounts, will, bills and personal effects?

My sister is a solicitor and she recommends everyone should have a LPA for their Financial Affairs and Healthcare issues. It costs a lot of money to log both in the correct way and I can see why people don’t but I can also see why it would be important.

We’ve been asked to make many healthcare decisions lately on behalf of my Nan. She has been party in her own way to the decisions but you wouldn’t think of some of the choices you could be asked to make.

I couldn’t help but think about it for myself. The Rip Off Britain show this week was talking about leaving a digital inventory so that you can pass on your music, photos, social media etc with your will. There is a link to

On the Rip Off Britain website which has a lot of interesting information on there.

In this day and age we have so many different aspects to our lives that it is worth taking some time to think and write down your feelings and thoughts about how you would like your affairs to be managed. I would also suggest making it easy on your loved ones by letting them know where the important paperwork etc can be found in the event they need to assist you. It might just make things a lot easier for all concerned one day.

But remember once you’ve had the chat, go to the pub or do something fun and carry on living your life to the best of your ability. Because we are all here once, (or more if you believe) we don’t want to spend all our time thinking of the boring stuff!



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