Hi I’m Charlie,

I’ve been writing for a few years now and I’m still trying to finalise my first novel. It’s hard to make sure it’s the best you can really do as the more you write the more you grow into your voice and perfect your tools so I go back and take another pass at editing it. I think this year is the one when I finally let it go and try to find a publisher.

I’ve also been playing at writing some children’s stories. I used to make them up for my brother all the time when he was small, he wasn’t much of a fan of bedtime stories from books. I seem to remember he only liked 3 stories from the hundreds of books we had and they got boring after a while so he used to pick something and I would make up a story for him.

My cousin had a little girl almost 3 years ago now and the first time I held her I had story ideas runing through my head so I thought I would write them down. I want them to be something that I would like to have read as a little girl but with her as the main character. I’m hoping to get them published for her one day.

Earlier this year and purely by chance a friend dared me to enter an erotic fiction writing competition and I won, so I had to come up with a new pen name. Due to winning the competition I was asked to produce some further content so since April I have been writing erotic fiction and have been really surprised by the read numbers my work has pulled in. I posted 5 of my stories on one sharing site and they have currently had over 48,000 reads in such a short space of time.

I’m really proud of my new writing direction but that doesn’t mean I will stop writing more mainstream work too. I’m lucky to have friends who inspire me and support my work and help with promotion and running ideas. It can be hard to find the right places for your work but I have found people are usually more than happy to offer help and advice if you ask.

I enjoy reading all sorts of books. I choose books on impulse; whether I’m in a shop or scrolling online I’ll usually buy the books that jump out and grab me.  It might be the title I notice or something interesting about the cover, I also choose books from authors I have previously enjoyed.

I often have no idea what the book is about before I start reading it as I don’t read the cover jacket. Surprisingly with the way I choose books I rarely read something that I don’t like.

I enjoy reading the classics and would love one day to have read most of the books on the 101 classic reads list. I think I’m currently at around 20, woefully short!

I enjoy listening to all types of music, my music collection tells the story of my life and differing music tastes.  Some I would not admit to owning but all are there for a reason, sometimes that reason is only it makes me laugh!

I have been lucky enough to see most of my favorite bands and groups at least once, although there are some I will never get to see live, T Rex and The Beatles in particular.

I love movies and TV shows and thanks to my subscription to Lovefilm (other suppliers are available!) I manage to keep up to date with most shows and films that people are talking about.

I have an ever-increasing list of things I want to see and do in my life.  The more I read about people’s travel experiences the more I wish I could just jet off somewhere new every weekend and have an adventure.

Sometimes I blog about the difficulties I face in my life, just to show people who are struggling that they are not alone. No matter how bad your life gets there is always a reason to get up and try again. I’ve had to rebuild myself so many times when I’ve hit rock bottom because giving up was never an option, I always manage to find my light again.

The best way to get through life is to be the best person you can, to help those you can, to care about others and to remember always to keep smiling, good things happen if you do!

I had my first comment published on 3/10/2013 in a @HuffPostWomen article on the Huffington Post site.


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  1. I absolutely love your last lines. You’re a great writer! 🙂 All the best.

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    1. Thanks Grace, I’ve posted my blog and chosen my nominees! 🙂

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