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Danny Baker Autobiography Vol 3: Going On The Turn

The last in the autobiography series was just as easily digested as all the rest. Although this book had less in the way of funny stories and was more about how life can take a cruel turn sometimes.

Most of this volume focuses on Danny’s battle with cancer and he is very open and honest about what treatment is like in a way I think most people wouldn’t begin to imagine. Whilst it doesn’t make for an entertaining read at times it does connect you on a human level.

How many of us know people who have gone through their own health battles and tried to offer what we feel is support in some way. I think sometimes reading honest accounts like this help not only the people directly going through the treatment but also the people around them that are affected in varying degrees.

Because cancer doesn’t just affect one person, they get all the symptoms and treatment but the range of people it affects is much wider than that. Sometimes the immediate family and carers also need to be supported while the person they’ve known all their life changes into someone they never met before for a time.

I’m glad I read these books as I think I learned something from them. I bought into the journey and laughed and cried my way through it in to the very end.

If you enjoy the books then why not follow Danny on Twitter, he can be quite entertaining at times!

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