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It’s Always Been Her: Why You Should Love The Girl Who Waited For You…

I read this article the other day and it touched me in a way it probably didn’t others. I know what it feels like to wait for the person you care for, the pain that goes with it and the hope that one day they will be in the same place as you and things will finally happen.

Life and love can be incredibly difficult, sometimes the heart wants something the head knows it will probably never have and while the feelings never go away they lesson in time. But all it takes is that one contact to take you right back into the moment again.

It always surprises me just how much a heart will forgive when it lets someone in. How it lets you forget all the sleepless nights, tears and hurt with just one message that makes you smile and brightens your day.

I don’t know much about love but I do know that finding someone who wants to be there for you, to love you as you are with all your flaws is almost impossible.

Some people manage it, others settle, some love without being loved in return and some never find even that.

I’m glad I found someone who brings out those feelings in me. I waited two years for us to make a go of things and although we might never make it work I know in my heart anyone else will be second best. That is why when things are going well it is so good and when things go quiet I hurt so much.

I’ve tried to walk away, I’ve hurt myself to build walls and push him away, I’ve thought and over thought every possible situation until all I do is cry myself to sleep at night.

Yeah, I do realise how pathetic and ridiculous that makes me but hey I’m flawed I don’t intentionally do it.

No one said being in love is easy but there are times when it is so worth it.

It’s the hope that keeps you going and yeah I know most people will say it makes me a fool and that I should just walk away and move on. No one else will understand and that’s ok because I probably won’t understand their situation either.

I guess I just need to believe that fairy tales and movies can sometimes happen in real life, maybe that’s what gets me through the day, whether you agree with me or not.

See what you think…

It’s Always Been Her: Why You Should Love The Girl Who Waited For You


‘Dating’ Does Anyone Still Do It and Is There Any Point??

Every woman has a place in her heart reserved for the man she loved that didn’t love her back. Or so I’m told.

I’ve read books and seen movies that allude to this very fact. It’s sad really. We save a part of ourselves for someone who will never feel the same way about us.

Its times like these I wish I was a man. They have it all so easy. They just flick a switch and move on. Never giving the people they leave behind a second thought. Plenty more fish in the sea!

Then again if life was like the movies, one day they would realise how much they missed you, come running back and you’d live happily ever after, laughing about how you almost lost it all.

What happens when the only fish you find are the wrong ones?

What happens when your fish swam away without ever fully tasting the delights you had to offer? Ok enough of talking about fish.

I go in cycles of sitting moping about wishing I’d said or done things differently. Wishing I could just pick up the phone and say “Hey, this is silly. Let’s give it another try.” But there’s no point. So I snap myself out of it again for a time anyway.

Wine, soppy movies, drinks with friends, ‘blow shit up’ movies, flirting with other guys, none of it has helped. I still miss the one(s) that got away. In my case there were two guys I really wanted to make an effort with but never managed to make it happen.

I even made the mistake of looking up my ex’s on Facebook. They were such a long time ago, what was I expecting to happen? I did wind one of them up over his inability to down a pint in one of his photos and he remembered who I was so that was a plus!

The novelty of being groped by strange guys in bars and having them shove their tongue in my mouth whilst demanding I suck them off in the toilets has worn off for me.

I can’t be bothered to kiss any more frogs hoping they will miraculously turn into Prince Charming.

I can’t be sure but it seems like there are more frogs now than I remember when I was younger. God that makes me sound old. I just mean like 10… 5… years ago. Before app’s ruined the art of dating.

Do people even ‘date’ anymore? Isn’t it go on an app, find someone as horny as you are, have sex with them then move on to the next one?

I’m sick of seeing people being referred to as ‘thirsty’ when they show an interest in someone. Just because you want to get to know someone doesn’t automatically mean you want to sleep with them. It sounds ridiculous. Ok, now I do sound like a Grandma.

I can’t be the only single girl (slightly) over the age of 30 who is fed up with being messed around who can’t be bothered to try again. What’s the point?

All the cute guys in their 30’s who got their shit together are either married, engaged, in a long term relationship or gay. There is a reason why most of the rest are still single. The younger guys are only bothered up to a point and then reality sets in and they’ve had enough and move on.

I should have got laid more in my 20’s, and then I would have been over it all by now. Or maybe I’d have settled like everyone else, for someone I didn’t really love but who wasn’t a complete arsehole. Not that everyone settled, some people I know actually made it work with their fishes!

As for having kids, forget it. That was a beautiful dream while it lasted. Not that I’m currently desperate for kids and instantly wanting a family. I just saw myself as being a Mum one day. I already am a ‘second Mum’ so I have that at least. I’ve been reliably informed by my siblings that if they have kids they will become my responsibility, I’m in part hoping they are joking.

I always wanted to have twins. I grew up having set of twin’s in my friend groups and it always looked so cool to have someone go through everything with you. I’ve never told anyone that before.

When I left school someone wrote in my leaver’s book I will be the married working wife with 6 kids and immaculate hair that crosses the street to avoid the people I went to school with. They got the crossing the street bit right. I don’t have the patience for immaculate hair. Maybe if I did I’d have a husband by now? Is that really all it takes??

I have friends who are still dating. They haven’t yet lost faith in internet dating but the stories of their dates do nothing to convince me to give it another try.

On my friends last date she got tricked into going back to the guy’s house to charge his phone, then out of a sense of misguided nicety ended up giving him a blow job which then turned a bit rough and he didn’t even take her to dinner afterwards. Apparently they are now listed as ‘in a relationship’ and looking for a ‘threesome’ much to her bemusement. Classy guy!

I remember as a teenager at school being given a ‘master class’ on sex by the ‘experienced’ girl in our year while we all dutifully listened, slightly disgusted, in the gym locker room. She told us in no uncertain terms that if we were going to give blow jobs to at least make sure we got dinner first. “Don’t let yourself get taken for a mug.” Wise words.

Maybe it’s easy access to porn that killed off all the romance? Young guys don’t do the whole ‘dating’ thing now they want to skip straight to the ‘porn sex’ so we lose the art of romance and God forbid ‘making love’. Not that I like that phrase it just sounds better than ‘fucking’.

I’m not the only woman I know who only seems to attract much younger guys. The lure of the older woman is obviously attractive. But older woman are past the game playing stage and whilst we enjoy a bit of ‘fun’ as much as the next person we have grown out of the games.

I guess that level of maturity becomes scary after a while and some guys have no idea how to deal with it so they run away. It doesn’t help us though, tempting us with the promise of something exciting and leaving us to drown our sorrows in vats of wine until we build up the courage to try again.

We don’t all want non-existent dates precluding awful sex with a guy pretending he’s a porn star and making you feel awkward. Some of us want a little bit of romance in our lives before we allow someone the privilege of ‘getting to know us better’.

One of the most romantic things I ever heard of a guy doing was leaving a dress on the bed for his partner with a note saying what time to be ready as he had planned a surprise evening. Every guy should do this at least once in his life. It also works with sexy lingerie, but that’s another story.

Guys say the reason they aren’t gentlemen anymore is that there are no more ladies. A quick look around any town centre at chucking out time on a Saturday night and you start to see their point. But we aren’t all like that.

I’m starting to wonder if that’s the problem, men are happy with non-complicated sex and don’t see the point making the effort for anything else. Whilst women get fed up with that and eventually want something more in the way of stability with their fun causing the men to run!

A couple of my friends are in the same boat as me. We found people we liked and felt there was a connection we wanted to explore further only to find they ran away before we ever fully got the chance.

We sit and listen to men complaining how there are no good women out there and yet here we are beautiful, self sufficient women, willing to give guys a chance to see where things went and we still came up short. At least I’m not the only one who misses someone and likes to drink wine. Who am I kidding it’s mostly beer and Southern Comfort but wine sometimes.

So what’s the answer? Who the hell knows? I don’t. I can’t even convince myself I care anymore.

The more new people I meet the more I see that no-one knows what they are doing. Everyone is just bundling along the best they know how. Hoping that the next time they make the effort it will be worth it or adding it to the list of regrets if it isn’t.

I try to help the best I can, offering a sane perspective and sympathetic ear for the strange goings on in my friends love lives but the more I do the more I’m grateful it’s them and not me.

I’m not cut out for serial dating. I don’t see the point in investing time and effort in someone I don’t like as a friend first. The downside of course is when things go wrong you lose your friend too and that is doubly hard.

I love listening to friends dating stories but I couldn’t do it myself. I don’t have the endless confidence required for persistent rejection. It would destroy me.

I’m a romantic at heart. I still believe one day, probably when I least expect it, that’s usually when the best people came into my life, I will meet someone who changes my mind.

Until then, I’ll just have to continue to be single, alone, ‘on me ones’, or ‘catching up on TV’ as I like to call it. It could be worse; at least I’m not lonely, well not this week at least…

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