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Run For Your Life by James Patterson

This book is part of the Michael Bennett series. A policeman who has an army of kids at home to manage on top of a busy job as a New York Cop.

When a madman snaps and decides he wants to take revenge he starts a killing spree across New York. Detective Bennett is called in to hunt down the killer in the midst of a crisis at home when a bout of flu rips through his house full of kids.

He has to juggle being a father to a group of sick kids, staying healthy himself and catching a killer. Will he be able to juggle his responsibilities and catch the killer before he strikes again?


Cross Country by James Patterson

This book is from the Alex Cross series. It centres around the investigation of a brutal murder in the US that takes Alex Cross to Africa hunting the killer.

But he quickly finds he has stepped into more than he can manage. In searching for a killer he becomes hunted himself and the murders pile up around him.

Will he be able to save himself and his family whilst catching the killer and the people working behind him? Only time will tell.

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