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The Harbour by Francesca Brill

I first heard about this book after attending a writing workshop as part of the Chorleywood Literary Festival probably 2 years ago now. I got my copy signed by the author on the day who was helping us with our writing skills.

It’s a love story based in the time of the Japanese occupation of China. The characters show a range of people and how the war affected them in different ways.

I have to say I didn’t take to the story as I have with most books I read. I didn’t feel invested in the story and my enjoyment stalled┬ábecause of it. I got a bit more invested towards the end but the middle was a bit lacklustre for me.

I also found a couple of spelling mistakes and name changes and once I notice that in a book, which happens more than you would expect I lose a bit of interest.

Not every book is going to appeal to every person and I’m sure there are people who loved it. But for me it was lacking something that really pulled me into the story and made me care about what happened to the characters in the book.

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